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Search 100+ job boards at once to find your next job fast. It's that easy. ZipRecruiter Job Search is the only app of its kind you will ever need, and it is 100% FREE. 1. Install the free ZipRecruiter job app. 2. Tell it about the jobs you're looking for: location + keywords, or job titles 3. Find jobs you like! 4. Apply to jobs with just one tap! 5. Tell us when you find something, we love hearing from you :) Features: • Instantly search hundreds of job boards at once • Get the best matched jobs sent to your inbox daily • Apply in seconds from your phone • Save jobs or searches and come back to them later • Review your applied jobs list • Get notified when your resume has been viewed Your privacy is our priority. Learn more: Do Not Sell My Personal Information [] | California Privacy Notice [] Questions, comments, feedback? We'd love to hear from you about how to make our app better! John and Joey [email protected]

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Ai is awful!
$bootyjuice$ on 2022-07-12
I have worked in the same career for over 11 years and was not looking to start a new career but this ai supposedly reads my resume and promotes me to employers that are looking for my qualifications… well as an journeyman electrician I’m not qualified to be a sales rep., plumber, delivery driver, or any of the other useless (to me) jobs this app sent me such a waste of time
kikavilla87 on 2022-07-12
This app does not have any filters for suggestions and or searches . I’m getting jobs like 30 miles plus from where I live and pay ridiculous to what I currently make ; and there’s no way you can change it up . I will continue with indeed.
Don’t waste your time
OT1001 on 2022-07-12
Worst matching database ever! I have 20+ years in automotive service and it matches me to RN and commercial truck driver jobs. You might get 1 out of 100 “matches” that actually fit your resume. Go with some other app, it can’t be worse!
QontakQuattttro on 2022-07-12
I was scammed by agency zip recruiter failed to properly background check. Now they send me emails daily for new jobs and I hesitate to apply for any. If you wont certify the employers then forget about having me apply!
trj9211 on 2022-07-12
I had been contacted by many employers.I was able to find a job at a good company fast.I would like to tell the other company’s thank you for showing interest in me.I start work Monday.thank you zip recruiter
Fairly useless for me
nfksjshhxus on 2022-07-12
Java is not the same as JavaScript. Also, why is the notifications badged when there are no new notifications and they have all been read previously?
Magic link
Shshaoapla on 2022-07-12
Magic link doesn’t work I tried over 20 times, never been so frustrated before, going to use literally anything other than zip recruiter from now on
Not useable
Rjax1025 on 2022-07-12
Kept saying I had to sign in but it wouldn’t send me the email to sign up. Checked spam, everything. Just deleting it.
Arkashia on 2022-07-12
This app is a total scam. I’ve been getting false claiming emails that are spam and spam calls from sextraffickers.
Fantastic App
djrighfjdbxj on 2022-07-12
Great matches and easy to use design makes it possible to see what jobs want and how much you are able to make.

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