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Great except for one glitch
Koala sez on 2022-07-12
I’ve enjoyed YT for a long time and finally subscribed to premium because of the idiotic misplaced ads (i.e. a fat man’s stomach in the middle of a sewing tutorial for weight loss? Gross). Anyway, I have 2 smart tvs and only watch one at a time since I live alone. I use wireless only; not plugged in, nor do I have ’sharing’ on. The glitch that drives me nuts is whatever I’m watching via Smart Hub (15 or 30 minute long sewing or exercise video) the video just stops. I have to exit and go back in and even then it does the same thing. And yes, I cleared the cache on the tv etc. So I download the app thinking it could help that issue. I connect to the tv through the app, find the video and start it up. Sometimes it does work right if I start things over a couple times, otherwise same thing. Not only that, but even though I have the auto play off, it plays the next video. And yes, I check for updates every day. Oddly enough, if I’m on my laptop, no issues.
Stupidity. Non-skippable ads.
starflower382 on 2022-07-12
Thanks for removing the oldest to newest feature. I just wonder how stupid the developers can get. I don’t think they can get much dumber. So instead of being useful to me you want me to infinitely scroll to *find* the videos I want and ultimately getting nowhere on your autism and seizure inducing app? You know what? I think I’m going to install the forest app, and kick my YouTube habit completely. Goodbye YouTube. DUCK YOU, YOUTUBE. Ha. Have a happy day y’all. And kick your YouTube addiction. And now I’m noticing that when you press the button to skip the ad, you have to do it 2 or 3 times. It’s not always been like this. It must be one of those new and improved features from one of their stupid updates where they’ve clearly taken the whole ducking afternoon off. Thanks for rubbing it in.
YouTube Shorts Option
macaronifriend on 2022-07-12
I’ve been using YouTube daily since it was first launched back in the day so I may be partial to the function of the original service. YouTube shorts have really ruined it for me, I don’t have TikTok because I simply don’t like this kind of content. It shows up in my recommended daily, when you view one short another random short comes up next, it is the same psychologically addicting format as TikTok that keeps you viewing content for hours. Please gives us an option to disable YouTube shorts, somehow I would love to go back to simply being recommended regular videos, not even seeing shorts as an option to view. It’s just an idea but would really bring back my enjoyment when it comes to YouTube.
It’s amazing but..
Charlotte ✌🏻 on 2022-07-12
YouTube is amazing..but for the past few days I did NOTHING to make it do anything weird but one day I went up so I could see my videos well I DIDNT SEE THE APP I was really confused so I went to the App Store and it said update so I did whatever no big deal BUT THEN I saw it so I went on it and it was fine but then when I got off for a couple mins it GOT DELETED so now it’s downloading but other then that it’s really good! Hello! So I actually forgot so there’s these blue dots saying about my YouTuber posting another video but when I click on it there’s no new video so if that was just a glitch idk but amazing app great work!
Sold their souls to China
Ro Ju on 2022-07-12
They allow harsh attacks and criticism on the US and other countries, except China. They even banned Russian outlets entirely, yet they don’t do the same with CCP propaganda. What is up with that? NOW, they’re censoring for supposed “graphic” content. They’ve flag independent outlets with 5 second content of Abe Shinzo where big corporate outlets are allowed to show the same footage. It can’t be anymore blatantly obvious how Youtube is helping to suppress open criticism and mere conversations of political issues.
Big Tech has become a threat to real democracy
awsome_sauce2000 on 2022-07-12
Why is it that a platform this big is obsessed with censorship. For example they banned Babylon Bee, Dan Bongino, and so many other conservative YT channels. But these companies have become so powerful that no one can stop Big Tech. Please stop this censorship. It is an embarrassment that the richest man in the world who has no background in politics is fighting for our free speech on social media (Twitter only) in a country where there is supposed to be freedom and liberty to speak!
Like button and dislike button
Lowkeyxking on 2022-07-12
Without seeing the like to dislike ratio it’s difficult to single out videos that are truly helpful for situations like when I had to fix my alternator on my car, some were troll videos and some were legitimate but because of what I searched up, I ended up with videos that seem to have a higher view count. in some situations it’s just best to need likes to dislikes seen, it’s better to know what is mostly appreciated.
So many ads
BigNoodlehead on 2022-07-12
I don’t even bother anymore, ever since I stopped my YouTube premium subscriptions the ads seem even more apparent then they ever seemed before I had YouTube premium. I’ll watch a one minute video and get two ads before, I’m the middle, and after the video. What am I even doing using this app anymore. I think I’m just going to look for another app to watch stuff at this point.
Mainsteam T.V. News stinks
Pop Counterculture on 2022-07-12
I have not received the narrative news of the oligarchy from consolidated mainstream sources since 2015 began. On occasion I will see it and be overwhelmed by the dread and fear it instills. If you are more aware than others, you will realize how much of it is propaganda. Not to mention that you can watch more informative videos, in general, that what you can get with t.v.
YouTube is the best tool for self -study
Ridetosafe on 2022-07-12
YouTube is the best tool available to people who want to learn something but don’t have the money or time to go to school. It’s a equalizer for ambitious and knowledge hungry people to improve themselves. Google, please keep this product open and affordable - You are doing the human race a big favor. Thanks to those who created these wonderful contents.

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