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Analyze various ad networks and discover the creative sets of your competitor.

MobileAction's Ad Intelligence Product Campaign and Impression Analysis Tool

Campaign & Impression Analysis

Analyze the highest performing ads, their creative assets, and call-to-actions from 10 (and more) ad networks. Filter them based on networks, types, duration, country, and impression scores to understand what makes an ad campaign a successful one.

View all the vital metrics at a single glance. Find information on an app’s number of total & active creatives, apps publishing ads of the selected app, and its active countries & ad networks.

Ad Publisher Analysis

Find out which apps host what kind of ads from which networks to uncover the best hosts for your ad campaigns. Filter the results based on networks and country to understand the marketing strategy of different apps.

Shape your data and see it the way you want it to appear! Break it down into smaller time intervals for better analysis and use different sorting options to get the report that serves your needs best.

MobileAction's Ad Intelligence Product App Ad Publisher Analysis Tool
MobileAction's Ad Intelligence Product Top App Advertisers Tool

Top Advertisers

See who is dominating the ad ecosystem on various ad networks to get a better understanding of the competition.

Sort out the top advertisers based on their creative counts and impression scores easily. Get the best insights with a filtered view according to various verticals such as category, network, and country. Make a shortcut list for the apps you’re following to save time on your daily analysis.

Top Ad Publishers

Discover how the advertisers & networks spread ads into the apps and detect the most ad populated apps.

Browse the top publishers list in your way! Filter it by markets, and choose the time intervals to get better insights. Sort out the whole list based on the number of creatives and countries.

MobileAction's Ad Intelligence Product Top App Ad Publishers Tool
MobileAction's Ad Intelligence Product Top App ad Creatives Tool

Top Creatives

Delve into the millions of creatives in apps! Browse in the whole database and discover different ad types such as images, videos, and playable ads.

Search for an app or a publisher to see their videos, images, playable ads, call-to-action texts, and ad titles to find great tips to create your own ad campaign. Make a collection out of the creatives of your interest to access them any time effortlessly.

Top App Publishers

Reveal the most active app publishers in the in-app ad space. See which apps they’re running ads on, the ad networks they are using, and more insights.

Easily filter the list for app categories, ad networks, storefronts, and view the whole data in your selected time window.

MobileAction's Ad Intelligence Product Top App Publishers Tool

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